Gifts For Football Fans

Gifts For Football Fans & Players: 25 Best Gift Ideas For Your Sport Lovers

In addition to the fact that the sport is popular with both adults and kids, there are also various merchandise products that you can purchase, such as footballs, jerseys and lots of customization options. You have come to the right place if you are looking for the perfect gifts for football fans.

There are a great many products available on this list that are suitable for all ages, with our recommendations ranging from toys to clothing. We hope to make it easier for you to find great gifts!

1. Acrylic Football Helmet Sports Display Case

Acrylic Helmet Display Case

The ultimate football lovers will appreciate this more than anything. This highly polished acrylic full sized football helmet display case with mirrored back will highlight their favorite signed helmet. This display case will shield their precious helmet from the weather as well as other people’s fingers. It’s suitable for all types of helmets, so don’t worry – it will fit. Here goes one of the best football gifts for years to come!

2. Wilson NFL Football

Wilson NFL Football

If you’re seeking for the most authentic NFL football you can find, this ball is a fantastic present for the die-hard football fan in your life. The fact that this is suitable for all ages means that you can’t go wrong with purchasing one of these. Pretend it is NFL game day in your backyard and watch your kid throw touchdowns with the whole family involved. In a few years, maybe you will watch them with real football players, so be ready for their big game.

3. GoSports Inflataman Football Challenge

Inflataman Challenge

This game is ideal for backyard football or even just around the house if you have the space. All you have to do is step up and enter the end zone for the ultimate showdown. We believe this game will provide hours of entertainment. With it being inflatable, it is extremely safe as well, so you won’t need to worry about any injuries. During the holiday season, it can be a great gift for practice.

4. Zmart Football Socks

Zmart Football Socks

Socks and underwear become more valuable as you get older. Maybe your kid is growing up or your husband is always watching his football games – what could be a better football gift than a pair of socks for them? It is so simple, but we love it! When their feet are up resting on the coffee table while watching their favorite team, you will clearly be able to see the writing on them and it will become their new ritual to wear these when the football season begins.

5. Football Whiskey Stones

Football Whiskey Stones

Impress your sports fan with this thoughtful gift that is unique and useful at the same time. Nothing beats relaxing with a cool, pleasant drink, yet conventional ice dilutes the flavor. They don’t have to dilute a glass of their favorite alcoholic beverage, cocktail, wine or beer ever again. Their last sip will be as lovely as the first with these ice balls for any NFL fan. As an addition, this great gift is extremely easy to use!

6. The History Of Football

The History Of Football

Another great gift idea for your football lover could be this book about their favorite football game. Exciting last-second victories, thrilling runs and daring passes. It’s time for a football game! The popular sport has come a long way since it was initially played at a few universities in the United States. With this book, they can learn more about football’s lengthy journey from its collegiate beginnings to the Super Bowl, today’s most viewed television event.

7. Personalized American Football Blanket

Personalized AF Blanket

This is a great gift idea that sticks with the football fan bedroom theme. This personalized blanket is a great way to transform the bedding of your kids. You can give it to them with their name on it, and they will absolutely love it. You can choose a size and a fabric type for this blanket. With this football gift, you can make your favorite football fan happier than ever.

8. Hopyeer American Football & Fall Vintage Pillowcase

Hopyeer Vintage Pillowcase

Got some pillows in your kids’ room that need updating? Why not change the design and get this pillowcase for your football fan? It is the perfect gift idea for a devoted football fan and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who owns it. It is made of high quality, durable cotton linen, which will make any outdoor or indoor space ready for football season.

9. Sports Bracelet

Sports Bracelet AF

With the iconic American football team logo placed in the center of the bracelet, it’s sure to be one of the most interesting items that your football fans will love to show off. You’ll see them wearing it over and over again, especially when they play backyard football games. If they are real sports fans, they will wear it even while sleeping and treasure it forever.

10.Trust The Grind: How World-Class Athletes Got To The Top Book

Trust The Grind Book

Perhaps your football fan hopes to be a member of one of the NFL teams one day. Think about buying them this book that aims to inspire those who dream of becoming professionals in the future. The book contains exclusive interviews with the top 16 athletes from 11 sports today. For all the football lovers, this is one of the best football gift ideas.

11. Adidas Field Players Gloves

Adidas Football Gloves

With icy hands, you can’t do your best at the football game. Warmth is provided by these gloves in chilly conditions and all football players will love them because of that. They are made of lightweight fleece, easy to put on and include a vented wrist cuff for ventilation. Help your fan get ready for the football season!

12. American Football Sweatshirt

American Football Sweatshirt

Great football gift ideas are the ones that include something comfortable in the cold months and show support as a football fan at the same time. Check out this fashionable and soft feeling sweatshirt that is customized to the team name of your – or your favorite fan’s – choice. There are many colors and sizes available, so choose the right one for your special sports fan.

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13. Football Crossword Puzzles

Football Crossword Puzzles

It’s time for your kids to prove themselves in everything football-related and show you that they are truly football fans. Your child will be smitten with this book for sure, as there are so many questions about football players, coaches and managers that football lovers will not be able to put it down.

14. Elite Clipboards Dry Erase Coaches Clipboard

If you know someone who is coaching a football team, you may want to consider getting them this great gift. Using this board, the team can set out all possible plays and create better understanding for everyone. It was created with an easy-to-clean surface, durability to handle harsh handling and a big, easy-to-understand format to ensure that the whole team is on the same page as the coach.

15. Football 3D Lamp Optical Illusion Night Light

Football 3D Lamp Optical Illusion

Whether your child requires a night light for comfort or you want to illuminate a dark corridor, this 3D football night light is a perfect gift for the sports lover in your life who could use a break from the gloom. It can be set into 7 different colors that your kid is bound to change all the time. This is a great gift that may be excellent for Christmas, Children’s Day, Halloween and birthday celebrations. All football lovers, including both adults and children, will love it.

16. Sport Squad End Zone Challenge

Sport Squad End Zone Challenge

If your youngster aspires to be a future quarterback, they will need to improve throwing accuracy. Have fun on the beach, at the backyard party, tailgate party or family get-together with this fun game. As one of the best portable lawn games on the market, the end zone challenge target toss is lightweight and portable. You can really bring the family together with this game. Football fans or not, you can all enjoy this. Officially, the football season is on!

17. Football Cross Necklace

Football Cross Necklace

This stainless steel necklace is great if your football fan is into jewelry and wants to show their love for the sport. It looks extremely fashionable and they will love wearing it. Each football necklace is packaged in a black velvet gift bag, making it an ideal gift for football lovers. Be prepared to listen to the stories about how everyone is jealous of their necklace!

18. Personalized Football Backpack

Personalized AF Backpack

If your kid is heading back to school, why not get them this customizable backpack? It’s great for them to be able to personalize it so that they won’t have to worry about losing it, and it’s also a way for them to show that they are real football lovers.

19. Personalized Football Name Art Decor

Football Name Art Decor

Your child will love having this in their room as they are growing up. There’s an awesome design that holds focus on football and creates their name in this fantastic way that they will surely appreciate. This will give their room a cool look that anyone, especially a football fan, will love!

20. Franklin Sports NCAA Kids Football Uniform Set

NCAA Kids Uniform Set

Football is a game that kids like to play and they like to imagine that they are the stars at their favorite team’s stadium. As a result, they can now bring their imagination to life with a set of official college-style team uniforms. Get them this and they will be wearing it all around the house as it is the perfect gift for college football fans.

21. Greatest Norwich City Plays: Slate Coasters

Slate Coasters

Touchdown! However, don’t allow that beer or coffee to end up on the coffee table. These drink coasters are more than simply decorative gifts for football fans. The coasters may be used to initiate intriguing conversations among football fans. These sports coasters have a one-of-a-kind design and narrative to tell. They have the team’s history inscribed on them, so your fan can relive it every game day, and is something they can treasure forever.

22. NFL 3-Piece Grill Set

NFL Grill Set

Is your favorite football fan also a barbecue fan? This football season, give the King or Queen of the Grill the gift they truly want: an NFL team 3-piece grill set! And this is an officially licensed NFL set. They are made of stainless steel, with their favorite team color on it. They can use them when they prepare a great snack for a great game day – and the whole family can enjoy it too.

23. 2Pepers Make Your Own American Football Pillow

2Pepers Make Your FP

You can be sure that your football fan will appreciate your great gift ideas if they have a room with a football theme. Designed like an American football, they will have lots of rest with one of these in their bed. This all-in-one package is ideal for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions.

24. American Football Flag iPhone Cases

AF Flag IPhone Cases

Do you think the NFL fan in your life would appreciate receiving a phone case as a gift? Of course! There is nothing quite like a phone case that shows love for the sport of football; ideal for someone who needs a case and is a fan of the sport. Be sure to consider this option as they are available in different sizes depending on the phone they have. Every NFL and iPhone fan will love it!

25. Mystery Pack Football Cards

Mystery Pack Football Cards

If your kid loves collecting football cards, this is definitely the gift you need to get them! These cards are especially ideal for all of these sports fans who want to look at their heroes all the time. Each package contains 30 sports cards, as well as a display stand and a hard cover for your favorite NFL team.


We hope that at least one of these 25 gifts for football fans will be perfect for what you are looking for. Whether you’re looking for an officially licensed NFL gift or a customized one, with our guide you will bring an NFL team spirit to your special football fan. It was a struggle to pick just 25 of these, but hopefully your search for a real football fan idea should be a lot easier.

Gavin Wallace