Gifts For 3 Year Old Boy

31 Gifts For A 3-Year-Old Boy: Best Toys & Unusual Ideas For Kids

If your 3-year-old boy is full of energy and curious about everything, finding a perfect toy that can keep his attention and hold it for a longer period can be pretty tricky. At this age, they learn to interact with others, develop problem-solving skills and explore independently. The perfect gifts for a 3-year-old boy should ideally be hands on toys which inspire his imaginative play, role-playing and creativity.

Below you’ll find a list of the 31 best toys for 3-year-old boys that will likely help you to shop for the unique presents that any young man will love. From wooden blocks to board games, here is our list of popular toys for this age group.

1. Toy Car Garage

Toy Car Garage

This wooden garage is no ordinary toy – it is personalized especially for your little boy. With his name on the top, 50 slots to store and park his cars and two big ramps, this garage will become an absolute firm favorite. He will be able to express his creativity, take the initiative and develop fine motor skills with this toy, perfect for your child’s age.

2. Tree Growth Chart

Tree Growth Chart

Follow how your boy is growing with the help of this tree growth chart. The wooden tree can be personalized with the name of the child or can be left without it. You can also choose the colors of the leaves – they can be green or painted in different colors. This is such a beautiful handmade gift that will be a lovely addition to your boy’s room.

3. Solar System Busy Board

The best toys are those that also have educational value. With this solar system puzzle your boy will be able to learn new things about our solar system while he develops his motor skills and learns his name. You will be able to spend a lot of time together playing and learning new things – with this toy he can move the planets around while you’re telling him more about them, as well as learning the letters in his name.

4. Toddler Name Puzzle

If your three-year-old boy is interested in letters or he likes to spend time playing puzzles, this toy is an excellent choice for his birthday. This toy is not just for fun, it will also help him with his hand-eye coordination and develop independent play. Along with his name, you can choose to add some of the eight animals available to customize the board as you wish.

5. Climbing Toy

Climbing Toy

3-year-old boys often love climbing – if this is your son, you can make a playground in your son’s room to enjoy his favorite activity as much as possible. This sturdy wooden set is designed to encourage independent play. You can choose to purchase a ramp, triangle, cube or arch – you can make a combination of those elements or buy all of them. Providing children with physical activity is a great way to encourage development.

6. Construction Truck Tumbler

Construction Truck Tumbler

Surprise your boy with a tumbler specially personalized for him. It is insulated and can hold up to 12oz (355ml). The tumbler has a printed construction design and you can choose the color along with adding your boy’s name. His milk can be kept warm for about 3 hours and his cold juice will remain cold for 12 hours – very helpful for long travels!

7.Young Wild & Three Birthday T-Shirt

Three Birthday T Shirt

Make your boy’s birthday special with this t-shirt printed with the words “young, wild & three” – something to wear at his party or celebration. Choose his favorite color – white, gray, sky blue, royal blue or black – and his size in this soft cotton t-shirt. The quality printing won’t fade away; your boy will grow up, but you can keep the t-shirt as a memory.

8. Wild & Three Hoodie

Three Hoodie

If your boy celebrates his 3rd birthday in winter, this special hoodie will add warmth to his celebration. This gray cotton and polyester jumper has a hood and a kangaroo pouch, and has “wild & three” printed on the back. Perfect for outdoor play and everyday wear, this hoodie can also come with a greetings card.

9. Personalized Kids Toy Bag

Three Toy Bag

This personalized toy bag is a fantastic gift for all 3-year-old boys who love to collect toy cars. It is a perfect way to store your boy’s cars and help him to tidy up after finishing playtime – and then enjoy tipping them all out again next time! You can choose between small and medium sizes, as well as the color of the letters and the bag itself.

10. Mega Bloks Cat Truck

Mega Bloks Truck

Make your boy’s construction dreams come true with this large toy dump truck. It comes with 25 chunky blocks, and the truck bed tips from the main part of the vehicle, meaning your child (or nephew/grandson!) can spend endless hours loading, unloading and building.

This large yellow dump truck measures:

  • Length: 17” (43.2cm)
  • Width: 12” (30.5cm)
  • Height: 12” (30.5cm)

11. Dinosaur Track Playset

If your boy loves dinosaurs, this track playset could be his perfect gift. This set contains:

  • 144 track pieces
  • Two dinosaurs
  • Two dinosaur cars
  • Four trees
  • And many other parts that will provide him with countless hours of play!

It can help the special little guy in your life to expand his cognitive, cooperative, emotional and motor abilities. The track is easy to assemble and store, and the track pieces can twist left or right, meaning you can vary the shape of the track whenever you want.

12. Magna-Tiles Set

Magna Tiles Set 3

Magna tiles are great to help your little one to learn about spatial reasoning and math, plus help enhance creativity and fine motor skills. These brightly colored geometric shapes in various sizes of squares, rectangles and triangles can be built and arranged to create various different structures. The magnets are strong and the tiles double-sealed meaning you will not have to worry about magnets falling out and becoming choking hazards – safe and durable they will last for years.

13. Remote Control Cars

Remote Control Cars

The set comprises two toy cars: a blue police car and red race car, each with matching control. Four removable action figures, two for each car, complete the set. With two buttons for manageable control for your growing boy, this fun toy will support his motor skills, and playing with another mini friend will help develop his sociability. Siren sounds, honking and flashing headlights add to the enjoyment!

14. Little Genius Starter Kit

Little Genius Starter Kit

The best toys are those which help development. This Osmo set includes four educational games that will help your boy to learn:

  • Counting Town will help with numbers
  • ABCs supports him to learn letters
  • Shape Builder means he can explore different shapes
  • Squiggle Magic can support him to develop drawing skills

15. Dino Projection

This LED lamp is a round projector that projects images of either dinosaurs or construction vehicles with these two interchangeable covers. The light comes with 360 degrees rotation and 16 colors to choose from. In the set, your boy will also get super cool dinosaur tattoos that he can put on his hand and face. These fun lights are particularly perfect for his room if he is afraid of the dark.

16. Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier

Toy Car Carrier

This car carrier is the best gift for any boy who likes to collect cars. With 28 slots for storage cars – 14 on both sides – your car enthusiast can carry all his cars around with him. The convenient handle of the top makes it easy to pick up and carry the truck. In the set, he’ll get six racing cars, construction roadblocks, signs and cones. So much fun awaits!

17. Kids Art Easel

Kids Art Easel

This high-quality and sturdy easel features a double-sided drawing board with a 360 degree design meaning your little one can adjust the angle as suits, including using it as a painting desk. The best gift ideas provide learning opportunities – also magnetic, this comes with 60 letters and a math set.

18. Little Tikes Trampoline

Little Tikes Trampoline

To help your boy stay active, consider this trampoline that can easily move around and be placed either inside or outside. Featuring a sturdy crossbar for your boy to hold onto as he jumps up and down to help him with balance, the jumping space on this Little Tikes trampoline is 3ft (91cm) wide.

19. Kidtastic STEM Building Set

Kidtastic STEM Set

Stem toys are educational toys that will encourage your kid’s curiosity and help him learn. This 192-piece set comes fully assembled, so your boy can open the box and start playing. There are seven movable dinosaurs and vehicles along with seven screwdrivers made for little fingers to unscrew the parts themselves and reassemble for hours of engineering fun.

20. 6KU Scooter

6KU Scooter

The 6KU scooter is one of the smoothest and lightweight scooters you can find and includes three flashing wheels. The lean-to-steer feature makes riding it super fun and easy and will help your boy burn all his extra energy. With four adjustable height handlebars, he can continue using it as he grows – it has a maximum capacity of 110 lbs (50kg).

21. Toy Rocket Launcher

Toy Rocket Launcher

This rocket launching kit for young kids has one launch stand and six foam rockets in three fun colors. Rockets can reach heights of up to 100ft (30m), depending on how hard your boy can stomp! Easy to assemble, this educational toy enables development of STEM skills, for example angles and trajectories of the rockets.

22. Kids Adventure Pack

This kid’s adventure pack is a perfect gift for little ones who love to explore. The pack will encourage your boy to discover nature, and he’ll get:

  • Binoculars
  • Magnifying glass
  • LED hand flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Compass
  • Backpack

Great for imaginative play both inside and outside, this educational gift can nurture a love of science and discovery.

23. Pop Up Tent

This set is an excellent gift for little campers. In the set, he will get toy replicas of all the necessary equipment:

  • Stove
  • Oil lamp
  • Utility knife
  • Binoculars
  • Whistle
  • Cooking pan
  • Plates

…and more! Have fun with your kid playing outside while teaching him about nature, taking risks and being active.

24. Radio Flyer Deluxe

This red chopper-style trike will be your boy’s new favorite ride. Featuring a 16” front tire, the adjustable seat means it can grow with your little man, providing years of enjoyment. Designed for kids aged 3-7 years, it can withstand up to 65 lbs, and the tricycle dimensions are:

  • L: 35.4” (90cm)
  • W: 24.4” (62cm)
  • H: 20.6” (52cm)

Perfect for developing physical skills and burning off all that extra energy!

25. Ultimate Learning Bot

Ultimate Learning Bot

Suitable all the way from 6 months to 5 years, this Fisher-Price STEM toy is designed to encourage educational play as he grows. The three stackable parts of the bot – which can be played with individually or when put together – provide learning opportunities with more than 120 songs, sounds and phrases about numbers, letters, colors and shapes. Various hands-on activities plus lights will keep young boys entertained for hours.

26. Wooden Play Building Set

Wooden Building Set

This high-quality Melissa & Doug wooden set is designed to last and includes:

  • A workbench
  • 5 wooden tools
  • 55 construction pieces

Along with this collection, he’ll get step-by-step instructions for building 5 vehicles and a robot. Perfect for developing both imaginative play and motor skills, this is one of our top gifts for 3 year old wannabe builders.

27. Superhero Costume

Superhero Costume 3

Encourage your little guy’s imaginative side by letting him become a superhero! If he loves Batman, Hulk or Spiderman, one of these high-quality costumes will help him to pretend to fly, climb buildings with his spider web or save a world with his super strength.

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28. Shark Blanket

Shark Blanket

This fun and durably designed blanket will provide your little guy with both amusement and comfort! Its versatility means he can use it whilst watching the TV, at sleepovers and in the car on long trips. Measuring 60” x 20” (152cm x 51cm) and suitable for a height of up to 5 feet, this can keep your boy cozy all the way into his teenage years.

29. Lincoln Logs Building Set

Linco ln Logs Set

For boys who love to build, this STEM toy contains 111 pieces made of natural and durable maple wood. Supporting both creativity, problem-solving and math skills, there are building ideas provided or your little guy can make his own creation with pieces that can make up:

  • Roof
  • Wall
  • Chimney
  • Porch
  • Fences
  • Bonfire

Each wooden block is beautifully crafted and painted with precision and attention to detail.

30. Candy Board Game

Candy Board Game 3

Candy Land is a classic favorite which can be shared and enjoyed with the next generation. Designed for 2-4 players, and suitable for 3 years and up, players will get sweet surprises moving their gingerbread pawn around the board, with the winner being the one reaching King Kandy’s castle first.

31. Colorful Chemistry Set

Chemistry Set 3

With this STEM educational gift, your boy will have fun ways to learn about science. Your mini scientist-in-training can do color mixing experiments, make some art and experiment with some chemical reactions. Detailed instructions are included in the set, so no need to worry if chemistry wasn’t your jam in school!


Turning three years old is a huge milestone in your boy’s life. He’ll be learning to interact more with others while developing his creativity, imagination and independence. Finding the right present can be a bit challenging, which is why we compiled our gifts for 3 year old boy list – we hope you have got plenty of options to help make your little guy happy!

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