Gifts For 14-Year-Old Boys

Cool Gifts For 14-Year-Old Boys: 33 Best Ideas For Your Teenager

Good gifts for 14-year-old boys are difficult to find. On the one hand, they’re too old to be considered a little kid, but not yet old enough for you to buy them the kind of gifts that an adult would be thankful for. You want to find the kind of gift they actually want – the kind of gift that won’t be shrugged at. If you find yourself struggling to come up with gifts for 14-year-old boys, don’t panic. We’re here to help you!

The good thing is that you have a huge amount of different possibilities to choose from. Below, we have compiled an extensive list of different gift ideas that are perfect for 14-year-old boys – from video games and musical instruments to smaller gifts such as cool books and mini projects!

Video Games & Consoles

Kids of all ages love video games, especially teenage boys. If the person you’re buying for is into Nintendo, PlayStation, PC or Xbox, then it’s a sure thing they’ll be grateful for a video game-related gift. There are so many different kinds of consoles, games and accessories that it feels overwhelming to read through all the names and technical terms. Below are some of the best gifts that a gamer would love to have in his life!

1. Sony PS5 Blu-Ray Edition Console

Sony PS5 Console

This is a perfect gift for any boy, 14 years old or not. The visuals are stunning. Loading times are really fast. The controller’s ergonomics are superb, so it would feel terrific in their hands. Furthermore, the controller has a cool function that changes color based on where your character walks. Your 14-year-old boy will be more than pleased with this excellent gift.

2. Meta Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset

Meta Oculus VR Headset

The Oculus Quest 2 is the most sophisticated all-in-one virtual reality device to date. Every element has been designed to allow virtual worlds to react to your motions, allowing your teenage boy to explore breathtaking games and experiences with unprecedented flexibility. There is no need for a PC or a console. Alternatively, let your teen take a break from the activity by purchasing this fun gift for him.

3. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a console that was launched by the famous Nintendo in 2017. Since its launch, it has been one of the most popular consoles for kids because of its versatility and removable controllers that allow them to easily play with it. This console would be an amazing gift for teenage boys, as not only would it be an awesome console for them to play on their own, but also offer them opportunities for social interaction. Depending on how long they play, the battery life ranges from 4.5 to 9 hours.

4. Switch Case Compatible With Nintendo Switch

Switch Case NS

Of course, investing in a whole console for a gift is a big ask. Maybe the boy you’re buying for already has a Nintendo Switch, or maybe it’s just too much for one gift, but that is one of the great things about this Switch. Switches come with a long list of smaller accessories that can make great gifts. We recommend this case by HEYSTOP as it also comes with protective cases for the console and controllers.

5. Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers

Nintendo Controllers

You could also buy a new pair of controllers! Switch controllers tend to be more affordable than controllers for other consoles, and Nintendo gamers like to have more than just a single pair so that they can always swap in new friends when playing together. These Joy-Cons are a great gift for a boy who owns a switch!

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6. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart Deluxe

Although many gamers opt to buy online these days and download games directly to their console, physical copies are still cherished as they would have been ten years ago. One of the essential Nintendo games is Mario Kart 8. This is a fun racing game that is great to play with friends during the holiday season.

7. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Legend Of Zolda

Forget everything you thought you knew about The Legend of Zelda video games. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a ground-breaking game in the legendary franchise, transports you to a realm of discovery, exploration and adventure. Let them explore an unprecedentedly large environment and uncover over 100 puzzle-filled shrines, as well as a vast range of weapons, clothes and gear. Teen boys will enjoy this one so much they will even forget about the real world.

8. Super Smash Bros – Ultimate

Super Smash Bros

New fighters make their Super Smash Bros. series debuts, including Inkling from the Splatoon series, Ridley from the Metroid series, Castlevania’s Simon Belmont and Isabelle from Animal Crossing. Returning stages have been upgraded, and each stage now features Battlefield and Final Destination modes. It’s a great upgrade to the game and also a great gift for teen boys.


Maybe the 14-year-old boy you’re buying for is more into Xbox or PlayStation. These consoles are typically thought of as the more ‘grown-up’ option for gamers and have a wider variety of games with age ratings up to M for Mature, whereas Nintendo tends to cater more to younger kids with colorful characters and lower ratings. These consoles give you a wide variety of different options and have many different accessories and games that would make great gifts for any teenager who is into gaming!

9. Turtle Beach Gaming Headset For Xbox Series

Turtle Beach Gaming Headset

Good gifts for fans of Xbox include gaming headsets like this pair of Turtle Beaches that allow gamers to communicate and hear better. When muted, a bigger, high-sensitivity, high-performance mic improves communication quality and effortlessly fits with the headset. Hearing your own voice when chatting with pals allows you to be conscious of how loud you are and helps avoid yelling. Well, then this is the perfect gift for parents too!

10. Wireless Controller For Microsoft Xbox Series

Wireless Controller Xbox Series

When your young man tries this unique controller, he will not want to use any other. It is a custom-made, wireless Xbox X controller that will make outstanding improvements to any game. 100% original Microsoft controllers are used to make this one, and your teen boys won’t settle for a normal controller. It will definitely make his friends jealous.

11. Xbox One Rechargeable Battery Pack

Xbox Battery Pack

The portable design for the Xbox One charger battery pack includes 4* 1200mAh XBOX One controller rechargeable batteries for your Xbox. This Xbox One battery pack rechargeable takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge. It also comes with four LED indicators. However, each battery may give 10-12 hours of play time, allowing your young man to have your controllers fully charged and ready to go any time.

12. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite 14

Other Xbox Series X games you could get for a 14-year-old include Halo Infinite. The renowned Halo franchise returns with the most comprehensive Master Chief narrative ever, as well as a revolutionary free-to-play multiplayer experience, but your 14 year old boys already know that. With beautiful visuals and world-class cross-platform gaming, Halo Infinite will be an excellent gift for your boys.

13. NBA 2k22

NBA 22 Xbox 14

NBA 2K22 puts your 14-year-old boys in control of the whole basketball universe. That’s everything a basketball fan wants. In NBA 2K22, anyone can shoot the ball from anywhere. For a more competitive and immersive NBA 2K22, a new tactical attack meets an upgraded defense. Add skill-based dribbling, shooting, dunking and alley-oops to your arsenal, and counter them with savage new blocks and competitions on the opposing end of the court. It’s perfect for someone who is a sports fan as well as a gamer.

14. PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller

PS Wireless Controller 14

The DualSense Starlight Blue wireless controller will brighten up the PS5 gaming environment in any family. This brilliant blue pattern is inspired by the radiant radiance of stars that light up the universe and is part of an enlarged line-up of galaxy-themed accessories. This is an ideal gift for your boy to discover a richer, more immersive gaming experience that brings the action to life in his hands. The DualSense wireless controller incorporates immersive haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone into a distinctive and ergonomic form.

15. PS5 Controller Charging Station

PS5 Charging Station 14

This PS5 controller charging station is capable of charging two PS5 controllers at the same time. Cool, right? Two controllers can be fully charged in 3 hours and one controller in roughly 1.5 hours using a 5V/3A power supply. Save time on charging and have more gaming enjoyment. When the controller is charging, the blue LED lights will blink, and when completely charged, the blue light will remain lit.

16. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet Clank

Favorite PlayStation 5 games include gift ideas like this one, Ratchet and Clank. He will assist them in stopping a robotic Emperor bent on conquering cross-dimensional planets, with their own reality next in line. It’s upgraded with ridiculous weapons and players can feel in-game activities with the haptic feedback of the dual sensing wireless controller on the PS5. It will allow them to take complete control of innovative weapon mechanics enabled by adaptable triggers.

17. NHL 22

NHL 22

Experience EA SPORTS NHL for the first time on one of the industry’s most powerful gaming engines, giving unprecedented visual detail to every hit, deke and shot. With an all-new ability system that unlocks the distinctive abilities of the league’s most talented players, Superstar X-Factors allows you to feel the personality and power of NHL superstars. It’s a great gift idea if the boys are also NHL fans.

18. Xbox Gift Card

Xbox Gift Card

It can be difficult to choose gifts for 14-year-old boys, and if you are not sure what to buy as a perfect gift, maybe this will help you. This gift card gives them the freedom to pick whatever gift they want. Xbox gift cards can also be used to buy apps, films and TV programs.

19. PlayStation Store Gift Card

PS Store Gift Card

For a PlayStation lover, this could be a great gift idea. With this card, boys can redeem anything in the PlayStation Store and select from thousands of games, add-ons, subscriptions and other items. Can’t wait for the game to start? Now, they can pre-load it onto their console and start playing as soon as it becomes available. There’s always something to play at an affordable price with regular promotions and discounts.


Okay, so now that gaming is out of the way, let’s look at something more practical. Maybe the teenage boy you’re buying for isn’t much of a gamer, or maybe you just want to buy them a more practical gift. Something they can learn that will be of a real benefit to their life; a skill that will stick with them and give them new opportunities. If this sounds like what you’re looking for – then a musical instrument can be a great choice for your gift!

20. Moukey Acoustic Guitar For Beginners

Moukey Acoustic Guitar

This is a great guitar for beginners. Acoustic guitars tend to be better for those starting out because of their softer strings and easy ‘pick-up-and-play’ nature. We think that this guitar would be a great gift idea because of its accessories, which include a poster, a padded gig bag, a strap, a tuner, a capo and extra strings. It also comes with guitar picks.

21. Pyle Electric Guitar Kit For Beginners

Pyle Electric Guitar Kit

If you’re looking to buy them an electric guitar, then this set by Pyle is for you. The ultimate starter kit contains a full-size guitar and all the necessary accessories to get them started right away – the ideal choice for novice and intermediate musicians. You’ll receive high-quality sound with a headphone jack and overdrive. The inbuilt digital tuner guarantees that your guitar is precisely tuned every time they sit down to play.

22. Guitar Capo For Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Guitar Capo

If you’re looking for a smaller gift, then this capo/guitar pick combo is an awesome choice! The capo is made of excellent rosewood and the picts come in five different colors. It’s incredibly simple to clip on a guitar and alter. It can even change keys in the middle of a song: simply clamp it and let your music soar. Rock out with this capo, which comes with a lifetime warranty.

23. Soprano Ukulele For Beginners

Soprano Ukulele Beginners

Ukuleles are unique and very easy to pick up in comparison to other instruments because of the simplicity of their chords. Soprano ukuleles have the most recognizable tone and are also the smallest you’ll find. The tone produced by the real mahogany body with a high gloss finish is clear, sharp and melodic. The 4 strings are soft and will not irritate their fingertips. The 12 frets on the hardwood fingerboard of this little charming ukulele provide diverse tones for a tune.

24. Keyboard Piano

Keyboard Piano 14

A full-sized piano is far too large of a gift for most people, but if you’re considering gifting one, then perhaps you could go for an electric keyboard instead. This electric keyboard is a great starter for anyone looking to get into keyboards. This one features 61 keys, charge function, dual speaker, recording, volume, display, microphone, music stand, 100 rhythms, 10 demo songs and 5 animal sounds. This cool keyboard will be more than enough for a beginner.


Books are a great, simplistic gift that is easy to find. They’re also a great way to encourage the teen boy you’re buying for to read more. Depending on the child, it can be difficult to get them to read.

It’s all too easy to buy something too simplistic, and it’s equally possible that you’ll get them something too serious. Thankfully, that’s where YA comes in. Young Adult is a term coined to describe the category of books that are neither for children nor for adults. Here is a list of gift ideas for YA books that would be perfect for a 14-year-old boy.

25. Six Of Crows

Six Of Crows

If the person you’re buying for is into fantasy, then Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is a great book to give them. It’s set in a Dutch-inspired fantasy world and features a group of thieves who are tasked with stealing from a dangerous ice palace. This book is recommended for 14 year-old-boys and is quite dark at points, so if you’re looking for something enthralling that won’t feel much like a kids’ book, this is a perfect match!

26. The Hunger Games

Hunger Games 14

Because of its impressive popularity and film series, you’ve probably heard of this book before. The Hunger Games is the first book in a trilogy that follows the protagonist Katniss Everdeen, who is thrown into a reality TV style contest where other teens must fight to death. It’s a great entry into dystopian fiction and is loved by teens worldwide.

27. Eragon

Eragon 14

Another fantasy book written by Christopher Paolini, who began writing the book when he was only 15 years old himself. It follows a boy named Eragon who finds a dragon egg. It’s a YA book that is becoming a classic and a great gift for anyone who loves reading! It’s also one of the best gifts if they are fans of adventure.

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Smaller Gifts

So far all of our recommendations have been for specific books, games and musical instruments. We would like to add this section to take you through some more general, smaller gifts that are less specific.

28. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a card game based on Russian Roulette. The game is simple – draw an exploding kitten and you lose! The other cards in the deck help you avoid these exploding cards, as well as make the people you’re playing against draw one themselves. We recommend this game for 14-year-olds who like to play tabletop, board or card games. It’s especially fun to play with friends!

29. Mini Drone

Mini Drone

A drone is a toy that even teenagers will love. Drones are probably some of the most high-tech and best toys money can buy. We understand that getting your boy a super expensive and complex drone might not be among the best gift ideas, so we’ve chosen this mini drone that lets them control it without complicated setup or maintenance.

30. Hoodie

Hoodie 14YO Boys

Let’s face it – everyone loves hoodies! We’ve chosen this hoodie as a simplistic gift that comes in 6 colors you can choose from. A hoodie is a great and useful gift that can be worn outdoors or indoors when lounging and watching movies. This pullover hoodie sweatshirt comes in multiple colors, long sleeves, a kangaroo pocket, a drawstring hood and a wide ribbed hem and cuffs to keep you warm.

31. Wireless Charger

Wireless Charger 14

The days of wired chargers are almost over! Now there is a variety of wireless chargers that are starting to gain traction and we think this would be a great, practical gift for a 14-year-old boy. At this age, going out alone becomes more frequent and they must keep their phones charged! This is a cool charger that can ensure this. This specific wireless charger from KEYMOX is great as it fits a variety of different phones and can also charge airpods!

32. Dartboard

Dartboard 14

A dartboard is an old but gold choice as a gift for a 14-year-old. It is social, fun and great for blowing off some steam. It’s also a great addition to a teen’s room and a fun game to play with friends, or even better if you have two boys. One gift for both.

33. Magic The Gathering Starter Kit

Magic The Gathering

Magic the Gathering has long been a favorite card game for nerds since 1993 when it was first released. It is a battle-based trading card game with high fantasy artwork and a variety of different cards. Your 14-year-old might be too old for Pokémon, Yu-gi-oh! or other trading card games from their childhood, but Magic The Gathering lets them keep that spark alive with a more adult trading card game.


We hope that this guide has given you at least a few good ideas as to what the top gifts for 14-year-old boys would be. Hopefully, we’ve given you enough of a range of books, games, instruments and more random things that you’ll be able to select something that will suit your 14-year-old. As long as you go into your purchases with these in mind, we’re sure you’ll find something that will be loved and used for years to come!

Gavin Wallace