Fortnite Gifts For Boys

Fortnite Gifts For Boys: 25 Most Amazing Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

When it comes to popular franchises, Fortnite has quickly become one of the most-played video games in the world. And while the video game remains limited to the computer screen, there is a selection of merchandise you can buy for the fans. In the following article, we have compiled a list of the best Fortnite gifts for boys, so that you can discover various gift ideas.

This list includes a variety of wonderful products which are suitable for all ages. Check out our Fortnite gift guide and find the best Fortnite gifts for kids.

1. Fortnite Victory Royale Series Arcade Collection

Victory Royale Arcade

All the kids get stuck in a game madness called Fortnite, so almost any Fortnite gifts realized by Epic Games are perfect gift ideas. With this Arcade Collection, your fan may start a battle, because each set comes with accessories for their 6-inch action figures and is packaged in fantastic plastic arcade cabinets. Will it include grenades, firearms, potions or other interesting extras? It’s a pleasant surprise!

2. Fortnite Nerf 6-SH Dart Blaster For Kids

Fortnite Dart Blaster

Don’t let Nerf darts go by your head unprotected! Your kids will understand this. This Dart Blaster will suggest that they are serious about dominating the game, and trust me, that’s important! Load up to six darts into the spinning drum, with hammer-action priming, then draw the hammer down and squeeze the trigger to fire the darts. This Fortnite gift idea is a blast!

3. Fortnite Squad Mode (Action Figure Pack)

Sometimes it can be difficult for your children to play Fortnite online, which is why we recommend purchasing this amazing action figure set to help stimulate their imagination. Featuring a range of different characters, each figure comes with its own iconic weapon, as well as a host of unique accessories. Pretty cool Fortnite present, right?

4. Fortnite Monopoly Board Game

Fortnite Monopoly

Monopoly has remained a popular board game since the 1900s, with the game itself being reimagined for a range of different franchises. Because of this, it was inevitable there would also be a Fortnite edition, complete with iconic characters and locations. So if you want to coax your children away from their laptops, this classic board game might be a great gift idea to start with.

5. Fortnite Jenga Blocks

Fortnite Jenga Blocks

When it comes to nurturing your children’s creativity and analytical skills, there’s no greater gift idea than this Fortnite and Jenga mashup. Featuring new blocks that resemble the different materials, this product is perfect for older kids and puts a unique twist on the classic toy. Not only is this game accessible for Fortnite fans, but it is also a great gift idea all around.

6. Fortnite ‘How To Draw’ Book

Fortnite How To Draw

A great way to stimulate your children’s imaginations is by teaching them how to draw. With 35 different tutorials, this book shows your children how to sketch some of their favorite characters, as well as a range of weapons, vehicles and costumes. Sometimes children need a break from playing video games and this sketchbook is among the great gift ideas for any aspiring artist.

7. Panini Fortnite Stickers

Panini Stickers

Featuring over 100 individual stickers, this pack can be used to stick iconic Fortnite characters to any object, such as computers, bicycles and skateboards. It’s ideal for birthday parties as a final treat for all the kids. Anyone who loves Fortnite will put these stickers on any surface, even their clothes.

8. Fortnite Loot Llama Plush

There’s nothing more iconic than finding your own loot llama, something which can now be made a reality with the help of this wonderful plush. Standing at 7 inches tall, this loot llama has officially been licensed by the franchise. The plush is made of high-quality materials, which makes these super soft and huggable Fortnite gifts for kids of all ages.

9. Fortnite Boogie Bomb Bed Set

Fortnite Bed Set

What better way to get your kids excited about bedtime than by purchasing these amazing boogie bomb bedsheets? Including two pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a comforter, this bed set is notable for its stunning artwork. These sets are perfect gift ideas for single beds. We promise you’ll send them to sleep with a smile on their face.

10. Fortnite Skull Trooper Funko Pop

Skull Trooper

While the Skull Trooper skin may no longer be available in the game, it is still possible to purchase the character in the form of this collectable figurine. Produced by Funko Pop Vinyl, this figurine stands at a height of 4 inches and features the character’s iconic scythe. Suitable for fans of all ages, these figures make great Fortnite gifts for any collection or Fortnite-themed bedroom.

11. Fortnite Prisoner Action Figure

This action figure features the iconic prisoner battle skin, which are amazing Fortnite gifts for kids. Complete with accessories such as a backpack, pistol and ax – this figurine also comes with 22 moving parts and makes for a great stocking stuffer during the holiday season. Just remember to add them to your list of the ultimate Fortnite gifts for kids.

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12. Fortnite Axeroni Harvesting Tool

Axeroni Harvesting Tool

When it comes to dressing up as your favorite Fortnite character, there’s no better accessory to complete your ensemble than this incredible harvesting tool. This unique replica has been made using soft-play material and is based on the iconic pickaxe from the popular game. Because the toy has officially been licensed by the Fortnite franchise, these tools make awesome Fortnite gifts for kids.

13. Fortnite Party Supplies

Party Supplies F

Does your child have a birthday party coming up? Then why not surprise them with a Fortnite-themed celebration complete with decorations and treats? All the Fortnite gifts for kids are cool, but thanks to this party supplies kit, you can now transform any room into a paradise for all Fortnite fans. Your kid will be amazed.

14. Corsair Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair Keyboard

Sometimes the best Fortnite gift ideas are about giving them the edge to win more games. Featuring backlit keys that are capable of changing color, this keyboard is also known for its fast response. Not only will the keyboard look attractive in your child’s room, but it will also improve their gameplay and keep them on their toes.

15. G502 Gaming Mouse

If your kids prefer to play a game on their PC, then they will need a gaming mouse for shooting other players with speed and accuracy. By giving them this incredible piece of technology, you will allow them the in-game advantage of precision. Featuring a responsive sensor, this mouse promises to make gaming more fun and edgy.

16. Fortnite Amplify Backpack

Amplify Backpack

When it comes to buying Fortnite gifts for kids, there’s no better option than fashionable Fortnite backpacks. This Fortnite backpack has officially been licensed by the franchise and features a simple design inspired by the game’s iconic loot llamas. They are capable of carrying a 15-inch laptop, notebooks and supplies, making them the ideal Fortnite gifts for kids still at school.

17. Fortnite Battle Bus Action Figure

Battle Bus Figures

In the world of Fortnite action figures, there are no better Fortnite gift ideas than these battle bus playsets. Based on the iconic vehicle, this set is arguably one of the best Fortnite gifts you can purchase for a Fortnite fan which includes notable in-game items such as a loot llama, a victory umbrella and an assortment of various weapons.

18. Fortnite Birthday Party Invitations

Fortnite Party Invitations

If you are throwing your kids a Fortnite-themed party, then why not invite their friends with these amazing invitations? Featuring several blank fields that can be used for location, date and time – these cards are a great way to set the theme of the party, as they will be recognizable to any Fortnite players.

19. Child’s Drift Costume

Drift Costume

If your child loves dressing up as their favorite Fortnite character, then they will love wearing this costume and transforming themselves into a real-life avatar. Featuring the iconic mask and jacket, this costume has been designed using polyester and spandex. This costume can be purchased for a variety of ages and sizes, so be sure to pick your child’s next favorite outfit.

20. Fortnite Battle Royale Socks

Keep your children’s feet warm with these stylish Fortnite socks, which feature a comfortable design and colorful graphics. Sock sets inspired by Fortnite Battle Royale are great and useful Fortnite gifts for kids. They are well-made, have fantastic gaming graphics and are reasonably priced. It’s the ideal sock combination for any Fortnite Battle Royale enthusiast who wants to show off their great dance talents.

21. Fortnite Durr Burger Plush

Durr Burger Plush

If you know a Fortnite player who is feeling down in the dumps, then you can surprise them with this adorable Durr Burger plush. Based on one of the most iconic mascots, it can be used to brighten up even the drabbiest of spaces. This officially licensed, 5-inch tall burger plush is sure to bring a smile to any Fortnite fan.

22. Fortnite Tomato Head Action Figure

Tomato Head Figure

Do you want to expand your child’s Fortnite gift collection? Based on Mr Tomato Head, this action figure comes with a range of accessories, such as a pizza cutter pickaxe and a chug jug for good fortune. The best thing about this figurine is that it can sit on your child’s desk, as a gentle reminder that they love Fortnite and you.

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23. 3D Loot Llama Night Lamp

Llama Night Lamp

When it comes to lamps, this is the ultimate gift for any Fortnite fan, as it is capable of producing a 3D image of a loot llama in 7 different colors. Powered by your USB port, this lamp can be used on a gaming desk or bedside table. These great gifts can brighten your kid’s life and room at the same time.

24. Ninja’s Gaming Book

Ninja Gaming Book

One of the best Fortnite gifts available on the market, this book helps wannabe players learn more about the game and the skills needed to complete it. Written by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, this practical guide is brimming with useful information, as well as detailed illustrations and photographs. For learning more about the world of Fortnite, these books are among the best Fortnite gifts for kids.

25. Funko Advent Calendar

Funko Advent Calendar

Produced by Funko Pop Vinyl, this Fortnite calendar has a unique twist on the Christmas tradition, with each panel containing a mini figurine instead of chocolate. Perfect for children who love Fortnite, this calendar will give them a new gift each day of the month, allowing them to feed their Fortnite addiction in an exciting and fun way.


Finding Fortnite gifts for kids has never been easier with this gift guide. You cannot make a mistake with one of these 25 Fortnite gifts for boys. They are so cool that you will find yourself buying gifts as well. Well, maybe not toys, but a Fortnite phone case, why not?

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