21 Batman Toys for Kids

21 Batman Toys for Kids (Toddlers)

Let’s face it, Batman is everyone’s favorite superhero. There may be other superheroes who have flashier costumes or more successful movie franchises – but when it comes down to who is the coolest – we all know it’s the Caped Crusader who wins the crown.

Batman has fascinated kids and adults alike ever since his first introduction to the world on March 30, 1939. Since then, DC comics have widened the scope of his story and fleshed him out into a variety of different versions of himself.

With this comes a multitude of toys for kids. Batman has been a favorite for kids of all different kinds of ages, created from all different versions of batman.

21 Batman Toys for Kids

There’s DC Batman, movie batman, LEGO batman and, more. A batman toy is a perfect gift for any child who has shown an interest in superheroes.

So you want to get some batman toys for your young child, but with so many options available it can be difficult to find things suitable for toddlers. How can you be sure that the toys are right for them?

That they will be safe and secure? If you find yourself struggling, then you’ve come to the right place! Below is a list of 21 of the best batman toys that we could find.

We’ve included several different categories, first with toys that are suitable for younger children and toddlers, and then an extra section to outline some future toys you might want to buy as your child grows up into a true batman fan!

So without further ado, let’s step into the world of the Justice League, of Gotham City and Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader – the one and only Batman.


We know that finding batman toys for toddlers can be difficult. That’s why we’ve created an entire section that will help you select a product that is fun, useful, and also suitable for your young child.

Man batman toys feature parts that are a choking hazard for children under the age of 3. Below are some of the best plushies, books, and play pretend toys we could find that will most likely be suitable for your older toddler.

Animal Adventure Batman Plushie

[amazon fields=”B0725W6BNT” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

First up is this Animal Adventure Batman Plushie. It’s made of polyester and is 21 inches. It’s super soft so it would make a great bedtime buddy for your child.

Animal Adventure is a great company with a long-standing mission statement of making great quality plushie toys.


  • Quality – Soft and cuddly
  • Size – 21″ high which makes for a great companion


  • External fabric is soft and may tear easily.

[amazon box=”B0725W6BNT”]

Animal Adventure Joker Plushie

[amazon fields=”B0725W1SJN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Maybe your child is more interested in the villains of batman. If that’s the case, Animal Adventure also has a Joker Plushie Toy. If that sounds a bit scary – don’t worry! This version of the most infamous Batman villain is cute!


  • Material – made of soft polyester.
  • Companion – Great companion for other batman toys!


  • Villain – Joker character might not be the favorite for your child.

[amazon box=”B0725W1SJN”]

Jumbo Batman Plushie 

[amazon fields=”B00V4GB49A” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Maybe you’re looking for something extra impressive for your child! Infor the last Animal Adventure product, we’re going to cover is a gigantic batman plushie toy!

It’s been made in the same way as the other Animal Adventure DC plushies mentioned above, except it’s twice the size. It’s 100% polyester, 40″ high, and would be a great addition to any child’s bedroom.


  • Impressive Toy – it’s a big batman that is sure to make your child’s eyes light up.
  • Details – Cute Batman with bright colors.


  • Size – because of the size it might be too large for your child to pick up and play with.

[amazon box=”B00V4GB49A”]

GoGlow Batman Night Light 

[amazon fields=”B09BCRF2R8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Plushies can offer your child great comfort and opportunities for play throughout their early years – but what about when night comes? Some children are afraid of the dark and need a batman dark knight to guide them through the nighttime.

That’s where this night light from GoGlow comes in! This is a fun and colorful, cute version of batman that will help your child throughout the night! Not only that, but it also doubles as a torch that allows your child to use it if they ever need to


  • Cute Batman – which will be a great comfort for your child, especially if they’re already a Batman fan!
  • Light and Torch – works as both a light and a torch!


  • Material – Made of PVC which is a fairly tough material.

[amazon box=”B09BCRF2R8″]

GoGlowfor Batman 

[amazon fields=”B09BCHBJ4F” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Do you know what’s better than a regular night light? A toy that doubles as a night light and a plushie! This batman soft toy by GoGlow is a great bedtime friend for your child, that glows when you squeeze him!

All your child will have to do is squeeze the bat symbol on the toy’s chest and it will glow! Thankfully, it shuts off after 10 minutes automatically, giving your child just enough light for when they need comfort.


  • Double Function – Both night light and a plushie!
  • Automatic Light – glow fades after a ten-minute window.


  • Size – Maybe a bit large for your toddler to have in bed with them.

[amazon box=”B09BCHBJ4F”]

LEGO DUPLO Batman Batcave

[amazon fields=”B08589RNFQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

As great as regular LEGO products are, they’re just not suitable for children under the ages of 5. This is because of their small, complicated parts that are too difficult for a toddler to play with, as well as a choking hazard for them.

Thankfully, instead, we have Duplo as a younger alternative. Duplo pieces are bigger than LEGO, created this way so they won’t be dangerous. As with all things, if you’re worried check the recommended range before making a purchase.

This Duplo set will introduce your child to the famous Batcave – batman’s secret hideout. It comes with 33 pieces including a Batman with two capes, a Joker, a Robin, a Batmobile and, parts of the Batcave.

We recommend this playset if your child needs something more challenging and complex to play with. It could also be a great project for you as a parent to build with them!


  • 33 Pieces – large set of Duplo, lots of different building blocks for your child to play with!
  • Promotes puzzle-solving – Duplo products, like LEGO, promote construction and problem-solving skills.


  • Difficulty – could be challenging for younger toddlers, so you might have to help them with it!

[amazon box=”B08589RNFQ”]

LEGO DUPLO Batman Batwing Adventure

[amazon fields=”B01KOL5I1A” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Duplo makes a variety of different sets for your child to play within the world of Batman. This set features a whimsical version of the Penguin, riding a giant rubber duck, as well as a flying Batwing vehicle that allows Batman to swoop in and save the day!


  • Pieces -28 piece set including Batman, Penguin Villain, Batcave-related and, the Batwing.
  • Design – colorful and whimsical version of Batman that is suitable for very little kids.


  • Not recommended for children under the age of 24 months because of small parts.

[amazon box=”B01KOL5I1A”]

LEGO DUPLO Batcave Challenge

[amazon fields=”B01KMUUQMO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Another Duplo set, another Batcave-related toy. This set is a bit more complex than the previously mentioned Batcave toy, as it includes several different characters, including, Batman, Robin, the Joker, and Poison Ivy.

This is a great set if your child would like a Batcave with a variety of different villains for Batman to fight off!


  • Pieces – Two villains and two good guys.
  • Cannon – Blasting Cannon that fires.


  • Not for children under 2 years old – if you’re looking for something for a younger toddler this is not the product for you.

[amazon box=”B01KMUUQMO”]

Batman Pop Up Tent

[amazon fields=”B084ZS8BKG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Next up are some items that toddlers can play make-believe with. here is a Batmobile-inspired tent that is sure to captivate your child’s imagination.

This cool little product can transform your living room into one of the highways of Gotham City, as your child pretends to be Batman riding along in his Batmobile, fighting crim wherever he goes.


  • Large tent – we found the tent to be of a good size, and will last your child for a few years at least!
  • Durability – this tent is made of good material, with safe, round corners and flexible fabric.


  • Age Range – in the product description it is recommended for children over the age of 3, though with supervision it might be suitable for younger kids.

[amazon box=”B084ZS8BKG”]

Batman Superman Cape Set 

[amazon fields=”B07CGSYSZJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

If your child loves to dress up, then this Batman Cape Set is going to be the perfect thing for them to really feel like a superhero.

It comes with 4 different, lightweight superhero costumes complete with a mask and a cape, that will allow them to feel as if they are the superhero they choose. We liked these costumes because of their simplicity.

Depending on the age of your child, they might not need help to put the costumes on, allowing them to become Batman or to take the mask off with ease!


  • Set – four different superhero costumes
  • Ease – a very simple costume setup that will allow your child to dress up on their own without help.


  • No separate Batman Costume – means you have to buy all four different superhero costumes for your child if they just want the Batman one.

[amazon box=”B07CGSYSZJ”]

Bedtime for Batman 

[amazon fields=”1623709210″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Toys are great – but so are books! We found this incredible Batman book for kids that will take your child on the most difficult challenge the Dark Knight has ever had to face – bedtime! If your child is a Batman fanatic then this is a sure-fire hit for bedtime!


  • Story and Artwork – a great story that will help your child get ready for bed!
  • Options – for Board book or paperback.


  • No cons with this one!

[amazon box=”1623709210″]

Be Brave Like Batman

[amazon fields=”1524769150″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Another story that has been created by the same illustrator as Bedtime for Batman. This is a story that will outline to your child the importance of being brave.

The art is great and we think this is a great story for you to read to your child if they want to understand more about what makes a superhero a superhero!


  • Artwork -vibrant artwork and meaningful story.
  • Comic-inspired design – to get your child familiar with the graphic novel format.


  • Hardback – only available in hardback, so far as we could tell.

[amazon box=”1524769150″]

4 And Up

Once your child gets to the age of four, some of the toys that they previously enjoyed may become too simplistic for them. We’ve decided to add a list of toys that kids over the age of four can enjoy, including a large number of toys

Lego Batman Plushie 

[amazon fields=”B06Y93Z6Y8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

LEGO Batman is a popular version of batman amongst kids ever since the 2017 movie. It is a whimsical, often hilarious version of batman that isn’t just a LEGO product tie-in.

For the most part, your child might be too young to play with LEGO, but you can still get them this LEGO batman plushie toy.

It’s for ages 4 and up, made with Polyester, Pellets, and EVA Foam. It’s a great little LEGO batman at 12″ high and we recommend it if you’re looking for something Lego Batman-related.


  • LEGO Batman – a great product for a child who likes LEGO batman, but is too young for huge LEGO sets.
  • Colorful – small and colorful toy!


  • Pellets – could get messy if this toy gets ripped open or damaged.

[amazon box=”B06Y93Z6Y8″]

Batman Walkie Talkies

[amazon fields=”B07CSXVNSD” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Here is something a little bit different. In this day and age of mobile phones and communication technology, Walkie Talkies might seem like a thing of the past – but you can change that by introducing your child to these cool Batman Walkie Talkies.

They come with built-in sound effects that will make your child feel like they’re in the center of a Batman comic, as well as light-up effects that make them super easy to use.


  • Sociability – a great toy for your child to play with a friend, sibling, or parents.
  • Lights – touch-sensitive lights which make them easy to use.


  • Signal – not the largest range of signal between them compared to other Walkie Talkie sets you might find on the market.

[amazon box=”B07CSXVNSD”]

Batman Baseball Cap

[amazon fields=”B08DKC3KHS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Here is a small item of clothing that could very well become your child’s favorite hat! There’s not much to outline with this one, other than its classic Batman logo and dark background. It’s easy to adjust and as your child gets older they will likely be able to fasten it themselves.


  • Colors – two color options between a black background and a light blue.
  • Quality – a good quality baseball cap that will likely last a while


  • Hand wash only – means you can’t throw it in the washing machine when it inevitably gets dirty.

[amazon box=”B08DKC3KHS”]

Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

[amazon fields=”B01MRQF9EY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a much bigger gift than some of the others we have on this list, but one that is the ultimate make-believe Batman toy. This go-kart is modelled off of the Batmobile and allows your child to feel like Batman, cruising around. It has an adjustable seat, responsive steering wheel, pedals, and breaks stick.


  • Simple setup – although it may look dating to put together, it’s quite simple.
  • Quality – Sturdy Go-Kart that is well made.


  • Safety – Recommended for kids of ages 4 and up, but we think they might need supervision because of the size of it.
  • Size – 22 pounds and rather difficult to store.

[amazon box=”B01MRQF9EY”]

LEGO Batman Trike Chase Playset

[amazon fields=”B0858C7YHW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Once your child gets a little bit older, they’ll be able to move on from DUPLO and step into the world of LEGO instead. LEGO is something that can be enjoyed all the way up to adulthood, with many different sets that cover a huge variety of different popular franchises.

This LEGO Batman Trike Chase Playset is perfect for if your child would like something small to build that will be lots of fun to play with!

It’s a lot more complex than DUPLO sets with over 440 pieces and comes with three vehicles, four characters, and lots of little side accessories for them.

This is an exciting make-believe set that your child is sure to play with for hours on end.


  • Pieces – large set with 440 pieces that will encourage your child to persevere on a long construction project!
  • Vehicles – great for any child that is interested in vehicles as it comes with a batmobile, bike, and Joker’s trike.


  • Difficulty – because of its size it could be a lot for a child to create on their own. It’s recommended for ages 7 and up.

[amazon box=”B0858C7YHW”]

LEGO Batman Batmobile Tumbler

[amazon fields=”B094RDM91Z” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a single-project set for your child and would be perfect for any child that is fascinated with the Batmobile.

We found this modified off-road Tumbler variant of the superhero’s infamous vehicle to be an impressive piece once it’s finished, complete with 440 pieces that make it super challenging to build.

This is not recommended for a child on their own and would be a great project only if you are looking for something to build with your child.


  • Complex Set – huge, complex set.
  • Great project – an amazing parent-child project that you would both be proud of after completion.


  • Supervision – too large of a set for a child to do on their own, requires supervision.

[amazon box=”B094RDM91Z”]

LEGO Batman Batboat Harbor Pursuit

[amazon fields=”B00SDTXHRI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This is a great set if you’re looking for a large vehicle that your child can make and play with on their own. It comes with a large bat boat, a jet ski, three characters, and some small accessories.

This set is made up of 264 pieces which would be a challenge for your child but is very possible providing they are over the recommended age of 6.


  • Batboat – unique water-based batman vehicle.
  • Size – big enough to be a challenge but not big enough to require supervision.


  • Water – can’t use it in water which might be disappointing for your child.

[amazon box=”B00SDTXHRI”]

Batman Action Figure 

[amazon fields=”B099TPJYHJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

There’s nothing quite like a traditional action figurine. These finely crafted plastic models are guaranteed to be great for your child as they are uniquely portable, and includable in a variety of different games.

Opening an action figure packet for the first time is a thrilling experience, and we think this batman is particularly impressive because of its detail, quality, and mobility.

This is a solid toy that also has great moveable joints and will allow your child to manipulate it in a lot of different ways.


  • Detail – detailed 7-inch figurine.
  • Accessories – comes with a batman grapple hook and base.


  • Age – recommended for older children because of its size.

[amazon box=”B099TPJYHJ”]

Batman Dark Knight Returns Action Figure

[amazon fields=”B08FPH94CJ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This awesome batman figurine shows batman from the Dark Knight Returns, complete with a thick suit that makes Batman into a bulldozer. It’s 11 inches tall and is quite solid as far as action figures go, with a little bit of movability in its joints.


  • Cool design – unique kind of batman your child might not already have or have seen before.
  • Parts – 22 moving parts!


  • Quality – not the best quality, some reports of it breaking through extended play.

[amazon box=”B08FPH94CJ”]

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has given you some great ideas for the best Batman Toys a kid could find.

If you’re searching for a toy for toddlers, it’s worth noting that you must first check the suitability of the product concerning your child’s age as some of them might not be safe for them. If your child is older than 4, there are many more toys that are available for them.

Batman is an awesome superhero to introduce your child to, and there are so many toys on the market that you can buy.

When searching for the best toy always remember to look for quality, functionality, and also for how long it will be played with. There’s nothing worse than buying a toy that you will be dropped and ignored after a few weeks!

We wish you the best on your batman toy adventure and hope that you find the perfect Caped Crusader!

Batman Toy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Batman A Good Gift For Kids? 

Depending on the child, Batman could certainly be a great gift! Batman is among some of the most famous and well-loved superheroes around.

He’s also a great superhero to introduce kids to because the wider mythology of Bruce Wayne and Gotham city is something that can be appreciated with extra comics and movies as they grow up!

What Was The First Batman Toy?

The First batman toy was a batman action figure that was created in the 1960s. It came with a variety of different accessories and was a real treat for Batman fans.

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