60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom 

Your mom is probably one of the most important people in your life, so when her 60th birthday comes around, you want to make it matter. You want to get her the perfect gift, but what is the perfect gift?

Getting something that is meaningful is the most critical thing, and there are a lot of things to consider. If she hasn’t told you what she would like, then the responsibility is on you to find something that she will cherish for the rest of her life.

Gift giving is one of the best parts of life, and giving gifts to our moms is amazing.

60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom

There could be a lot of things to consider when you’re thinking about what to get your mom, though. You need to know what she does and doesn’t have already, and also the kinds of things she enjoys.

If she into gardening, art and painting, or cooking? Maybe she likes going out and enjoying nature, or loves reading. Even if she is into mechanics or carving, there are endless possibilities when it comes to getting birthday gifts for mom.

If you know the kinds of things that your mom likes, or would like to try, you already have a good starting point for buying the best gift. This is why it’s important to take note of the things she might say or do, because you can always learn so much!

Chances are, your mom has mentioned something briefly that you missed, and it would have made a great gift. It’s okay if you didn’t catch it, though, you can still get an excellent gift to celebrate her big day. The birthday girl always deserves the best.

There are loads of options out there, so if you aren’t sureof any 60th birthday gift ideas or what to get your mom for her birthday, keep reading to find out some good options.

This list is full of gifts that will suit different hobbies and interests, so you don’t have to worry about only reading about all the boring, cliché lists you always see. Every mom is different, and there is a lot more to them than wine and chocolate!

General 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

If you are in need of a few general 60th birthday gift ideas for your mom, we’ve got you. These are the kinds of things that you will see on any birthday gift list on the internet.

Gifts like these are often very affordable and are things that most mothers (but not every mother) would enjoy. If you get these gifts without any personalization, they are a staple for things to get when you have no idea what to get. 

Her favorite wine – a lot of moms like wine, so why not treat your mom to her favorite wine, or even a subscription of her favorite wine?

The price of this can vary a lot, but is typically a winner with the women in your life. If your mom is a wine lover, this is an obvious choice.

The most popular overall wine is the Adrianna Vineyard, but you could always try out the Screaming Eagle or Sine Qua Non.

Her Favorite Spirit

If you know that your mom doesn’t like wine and is more of a gin lady, get her some gin!

It doesn’t have to be gin – there are loads of options to choose from, but be sure to pick one your mom will like, or at least one you think she will!

Some great selections for spirits include Bourbons like Wild Turkey, Southern Comfort, and Jack Daniel’s 

Her Favorite Chocolate

Everyone likes chocolate, but make this chocolate special. Go out and buy her a gift box of her favorite chocolates, whatever they are.

This might not be a great idea if your mom is on a health journey, as you will want to be supportive of her, so pick wisely. 

A Gift Basket

A gift basket can be filled with anything. Often, however, gift baskets can be made up of things like cake, cookies, chocolate, or even jewelry.

Depending on what you know your mom likes, get her a gift basked that she can enjoy for days to come! You should also be mindful of the contents of the basket, though.

Support for mom on whatever journey she is on, and be sure to check for any allergies, because there are frequently a lot of different things in the baskets!

The Good as Gold Gift Basket from Gift Tree is a delicious option if you’re looking for something a little healthier. If you want to go all out, you can get the Gourmet Brownies and Cookies Gift Basket, the Sweet and Savory Gift basket, or even a stunning jewelry gift and self-care box.

Perfume – everyone loves perfume, and your mom is probably no different. Pick a perfume that your mom will wear every day or for special occasions. Be sure to check the top notes to find a scent you know your mother will love

Nixplay Digital Picture Frame

A digital picture frame is a great option, especially if you live far from your mom. If she is very family orientated, getting a digital picture frame will make her feel closer to the rest of her family.

This gift is perfect if you want to remind your mom of all the amazing memories you have had together.

A Kitchen Knife Set

Ifyour mom is a fan of cooking, a kitchen knife set goes a long way. Getting a good quality knife set will make cooking that much more pleasant. If your mom takes a back seat to cooking, be sure to consider this gift for your dad!

Tea set – tea is popular no matter what country you’re in, and the right tea set will make a cup of tea even better. You can personalize tea sets, or just get one that you know your mom will automatically fall in love with.


Diaries are a great way to remember your life, and sometimes parents need to have something there to write things down in. There are so many beautiful diaries out there, and they serve as a great way to keep the mind busy and reflect, something that a lot of us forget to do.


This is a broad category because the type of shoe will depend entirely on your mom and her preferences! Maybe there is a specific shoe she has wanted for a long time – how is the time to get it!


Candles are something that everyone loves, right? Brands like Yankee Candles are well known for their stunning products and scents, and everyone with a sense of smell loves them. Be sure to pick out a scent that your mom will love!

There are plenty of choices to try out, so unless you already know your mom’s favorite, visiting a store is a good choice, so you can sniff each scent yourself.

60th Birthday Card

Birthday Card

A birthday card isn’t really a gift, but it can mean a lot to anyone, and your mom is no different.

Get a card that reflects her personality – fabulous, flashy mom deserves a card that’s covered in glitter and champagne glasses. Make sure you remember to pour your heart out in that card, too!

Jewelry – this is another broad term because personal preference plays a big role. There are some great jewelers like Pandora or Tiffany & Co. Find out what, if any, gemstones, your mom likes, and also if she likes gold, silver, or anything else!

There are so many options when it comes to jewelry, but they are always popular, no matter the age.

60th Birthday Shirts

If you want something that is a little less expensive, there are a load of birthday shirts to choose from on sites like Amazon.com.

You can pick one that is funny or heartfelt, but they are super popular and always a good option as a small gift.

Family Tree Decoration

The family tree decoration is another excellent gift if your mom is super family-orientated.

This gift is all about family, but is also stylish and looks great in any home, which makes it a good choice for your mom’s 60th birthday present!

Meaningful 60th Birthday Gifts

Getting a meaningful birthday gift on your milestone birthday can brighten your day, and you want to brighten your mom’s special day, right? Meaningful gifts can be unique to every person, since everyone will cherish different things.

However, there are some unique gifts that most people will appreciate. Whether you wants to ger ger a unique gift, or a keepsake gift, you can get something great. So, if you want to give your mom a wonderful birthday gift to celebrate her big day, check out the list below.

A Personalized Present

A personalized gift is always popular with friends and family members, so if you want to add a little more meaning behind your mom’s birthday gifts, personalize them!

You can personalize cutting boards, picture frames, aprons, calendars, cocktail classes, vases, and even blankets! The possibilities are endless, but her gratefulness will be endless, too.

Personalized gifts are a nice idea if you live far away from your mom and wants to get her something that will remind her of you.

You can add a heartfelt message to the gift, or add some funny words, it’s up to you! Any gift with your own message will be a thoughtful present, and one that will be special.

Personalized presents can be jewelry, and sterling silver is a very popular option for this. Sterling silver is used to make stunning pieces of art, including earrings, necklaces and that one ring that could be perfect.

A Family Photoshoot

If you haven’t had the chance to get photos taken if the whole family and your mom keeps mentioning that she wants pictures of everyone, make it a gift!

You can have a fun day out and get some great family photos while also making some heartfelt memories. Don’t be surprised if these photos end up in the digital picture frame!

A Replica Of Her Favorite Childhood Toy

Your mom was a kind once, too! If you have ever seen photographs of her with her favorite childhood toy in the scrapbook, and you wonder where it has gone, find it!

You will probably have to search the internet for a replica, but I guarantee it will put a smile on your mom’s face when she sees it, maybe even a tear in her eye.

Childhood toys will always mean something to us, no matter how old we get, so this is a super thoughtful gift for your mom’s 60th birthday.

Her Favorite Book Series

Is your mom an avid reader, or does she enjoy one series way too much? Find that book series and get it for her! Books can be your best friend and can mean the world, so see if you can find out what her bookish desire is!

Video And Photo Compilation Of Her Life

Nothing will bring you to tears more than seeing the lives of you and your loved ones.

Creating a beautiful and meaningful compilation of your mom’s life can be an amazing gift, and one she will undoubtable watch over and over again.

Do Something On Her Bucket List

If your mom has a bucket list, why not do something on it? This can be anything from bathing in a pool of noodles to skydiving, so be prepared!

Doing something together with your mom that’s on her bucket list will be a memory that she will cherish forever, and only shows your dedication to her happiness. In the end, our memories are what make us human, so making memories is the most important thing we can do.

Letters To Your Mom

Letters are heartfelt and can bring anyone to tears, especially if they’re written right. If you live far away from your mom, sending her lots of letters will bring her to tears.

You can talk about how much you love and miss her, how you wish she was there, and all the details of your life. We don’t talk to our parents nearly as much as we should, so hearing your deepest thoughts will be something she will want to do over and over again to feel closer to you.

Custom Handwriting Bracelet

Gifting your mom a custom handwriting bracelet for her 60th birthday is a heartwarming idea. You can get bracelets crafted with your actual handwriting, which can be a reminder to your mom of how much she loves you.

Scrapbook of the family – like a digital photo frame, a scrapbook can be a heartfelt and meaningful gift for your mom to look back to when you are away. She will get to see her family and her past in beautifully decorated books. If you have kids, it would be great if they could get in on the fun, too!

Symbolic Six-Ring Necklace

The six-ring necklace symbolizes her 60th birthday in an elegant and attractive way. Each ring is symbolic of a decade, and your mom should be proud to have made it six decades! 

Hanging plant as a gift

Creative Birthday Gift Ideas

Is your mom a creative woman? There are plenty of fun and obscure gifts you can get her to bring a smile to her face! All of these gifts can be enjoyed even on the cold days, so no matter the weather, she will be able to try them out or admire them.

Bonsai tree – Bonsai trees are cute and look amazing in any home. Chances are, your mom will love having an adorable Bonsai and will look at it for hours to appreciate its beauty.

Macramé Hanging Plants

If your mom is a fan of macramé, why not get some macramé hanging plants for her? These can come in all kinds of colors and designs, and places like Etsy have loads of them! You could even try out making your own, and it will mean even more to her.

Macramé Wall Decoration

Macramé wall decorations are works of art that bring a room together beautifully. If your mom likes macramé, why not get her a hanging piece of wall art?

Candle Making Set

Making candles is super fun and simple, and there are so many sets to choose from out there! You can order in a candle making set and pick the type of wax you want to use, as well as the color and fragrance.

It will make for a really fun day and if you do it together, you can make some memories, too.

Essential Oils Diffuser

If your mom doesn’t want an open flame in the house but still wants some amazing scents, an essential oils diffuser is a great option. These devices are not only stunning, but are safe and come with all kinds of essential oils to select from.

Some of the best scents out there are lemongrass, lemon and bergamot, but there is tea tree, sandalwood, pine and everything else you can imagine!

Decoupage Kit

Decoupage can be really fun and might be something your mom could enjoy if she hasn’t tried it already! Consider getting a decoupage set for your mom to work on, and it might become her next favorite hobby!

Her Favorite Paint (Oils, Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache)

If your mom loves art and being creative, painting could be a nice gift option!

If she needs a restocking of her favorite paint, be sure to go out and look for it, and make sure it is high quality.

Adult Coloring Book

here are coloring books make specifically for adults, and they are amazing. These books can include nature scenes, animals, birds, or even fictional characters and places.

If your mom wants to tap into her artistic side, consider getting her an adult coloring book, and make sure she has pencils to use in it!

Sewing box and set – for the sewing moms out here, a sewing box can be a game changer. Sewing is a hobby, but also a life skill. 

A Jewelry Box Of Your Mom’s Favorite Animal

If your mom has jewelry and requires a new place to store it, why not get her a jewelry box with her favorite animal on it? These boxes are works of art and make stunning gifts, so what’s stopping you?

An Art Class

An art class could be a super fun day out to make memories and learn something new! You can sign your mom up for a day of art classes and join her to spend some time together.

Birthstone Rose (24-Carat Gold)

There are 24-carat birthstone roses out there that you can buy, and they are stunning. Get your mom one of these, and you will make her entire year.

Soap Making Kit

Everyone uses soap, so why not try to make your own? Buy a quality soap making kit for your mom to try out at home and have some fun.

Kits can include all kinds of things and prices can vary a lot, so make sure to do your research to find out what you would like to be included in yours!

Calligraphy Kit

If your mom likes the finer things in life, get a calligraphy set for her to work on! She can learn to (or continue) to create stunning pieces of art in writing and learn some skills that the whole family will be jealous of.

Pottery class – pottery classes are loads of fun and are great for a day out or making memories together. If your mom has always wanted to try out pottery, or maybe has never even thought of it, her 60th birthday will be the perfect time to do it! 

Functional Gift Ideas

A lot of moms don’t want the fancy wine or the chocolate. Instead, they want something they can use and enjoy for years to come. It makes sense, after all. Functional gift ideas are great, and can be almost anything!

Ranging from vacuums to chopping boards, these gifts can come in all shapes and sizes.

Shiatsu Neck Massager

A neck massager is something that anyone will enjoy, and your mom is no exception. Massage all the troubles of the day away with this device, and your mom will be a happy woman.

Shiatsu Foot Massager

Everyone needs to rest their tired and weary feet, and a foot massager if the perfect way to do just that.

Picnic at Ascot Patented Bamboo Cheese/Charcuterie Board

This awesome picnic board has loads of different compartments and is the perfect thing for picnics. There are levels and even a place for little knives, so if your mom loves picnics and wants to sit out in the sun in style, this is the gift for her!

Mason Jar garden

This is a great gift if there is limited space outside. A mason jar garden can be bought or made, but can hold herbs and other little plants. It makes a nice gift if your mom likes to use fresh ingredients but have never has the space to grow them.

A Roomba Vacuum

A Roomba makes life easy, and when you are turning 60, an easy life is probably exactly what you want.

Although these little machines can be pretty expensive, your mom (and her back) will be so grateful for it, you probably won’t even notice the price.

Personalized Tea Subscription Box By Sips By

If your mom is a tea lover, a personalized subscription box will be great for her!

You can select all her favorite teas, and she can try some new ones in every subscription, too. You can try out the new flavors of tea together, so maybe you will both find your new favorite.

Kindle Paperwhite

A Kindle is an amazing gift for anyone who loves reading, but has limited space for storing books. These devices can  have audiobooks, so are great for reader support.

Technology with reader support makes it easier than ever to listen to your favorite stories while doing other things, too.

Gardening Gift Box

If your mom is a green thumb, or is at least trying to be, a gardening gift box could be the ideal gift for her. You can get all kinds of seeds and plants, and everything else your mom would need to start up a little garden of her own.

Ice Cream Maker

It doesn’t matter if you live in Louisiana or the North Pole, ice cream is a must. Make your mom’s special day even more special by getting her an ice cream maker!


Slow cooked meals can be delicious, especially for those cold days and nights. So, if your mom doesn’t have one already, you know exactly what you need to get her!

Air Fryer

The air fryer is a healthy alternative to going regular frying, and it makes some delicious food. These devices are dreamed about, but some people have never taken the step of buying one.

If you know that your mom has wanted an air fryer for a long time but just hasn’t made the jump, get one for her. It will make her life so much easier, but also open her eyes to a whole new world of food. 

Hair Dryer / Curler / Straightener

If your mom takes pride in her luscious locks, and you think there might be something missing in her routine, consider getting her a hair dryer, curler or straightener.

Maybe the device she has is from the 1970s and looks like a fire hazard, or maybe she doesn’t have one at all. Get her whatever she is missing, and she will be eternally grateful.

Pasta Maker

Pasta Maker

A pasta maker is a staple in any house that likes to create pasta from scratch. Fresh pasta is so much more delicious than store-bought, and once you taste it, you will never want to go back. Your mom’s new best friend will be this device, and you will love it, too.

Luxurious Ideas for the Special Occasion

We all want to live in the lap of luxury at some point in our lives, and your mom’s 60th birthday is the perfect time for her! These gift ideas are not cheap, but they sure are amazing. If you can afford to give any one of these to your mom on her 60th, she will never forget it.

A Trip To The Spa

Atrip to a spa is not cheap, but it will melt away all the worries of the week. If you and your mom can have a getaway to a spa for the weekend, then it is something that she will never forget. 

A Hotel Getaway

You don’t have to go to a spa to have a good time. There are incredible hotels that you can visit to enjoy some relaxation and good food without all the hands on you.

Chances are, there is a fancy hotel near you that your mom has been wanting to visit for years, and you just never knew it. 

A Trip To The Salon

Nothing will make your mom feel her best more than getting her hair done, as well as a mani-pedi. She will look and feel amazing for the entirety of her special day.

Dyson Hair Wrap

If you don’t feel like a regular hair dryer or curler is good enough for your remarkable mother, consider getting her a Dyson Hair Wrap. This will be the gift of a lifetime, and although it isn’t cheap, it is a great device to keep hair healthy.

High-End Makeup

Brands like Chanel, Estee Lauder and Dior are stunning quality and make an incredible gift if your mother enjoys cosmetics. 

High-End Perfume

Much like makeup, high-end perfumes like those from YSL and Dior are always winners for birthdays of note. If you really want to impress your mom, get her an exquisite high-end perfume that she will love.

A Cruise

Everyone wants to go on a cruise at least once in their life, so if you can afford to make that dream come true for your mother, you are doing amazing. This birthday gift will be the one of a lifetime. It may require the whole family coming together to make it happen, but it will be worth it. 

A Designer Purse Or Glasses

Does your mom love purses? Treat her to one from Chanel or Gucci

Luxury skincare set – if your mom is a fan of skincare, why not treat her to some quality products? You can get gift sets like the Black Rose Collection, Tatcha, or Estee Lauder and your mom will be sure to love it. 

A Fun Gift List

Your mom might be the type of person who enjoys the simpler things in life, and likes to laugh their day away. If this is the case, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

These gifts are great for the moms out there who don’t want to take their special day too seriously, and wants gifts that will humor them.

Trip to the zoo – a trip to the zoo is a fun and entertaining day out for anyone. Depending on where you live, you may need to make a trip to get to a zoo and see all the amazing animals. Your mom would probably love this and point to the monkeys, sayings ‘that’s you’.

Some Funny Toilet Paper

Get her some funny 60th toilet paper to make her laugh. There isn’t much else to it, it’s just funny. There are lots of designs to choose from, but they are all funny.

The 60th Birthday Game

The 60th birthday game will be a winner when it’s time to pull out the board or card games. Unlike Monopoly, this funny card game will keep the family together and no divides will come out of a round or two.

The questions are hilarious, and you might find out something new about your mom!

Ancestry DNA kit

If your mom is interested in finding out a little more about her ancestry, treat her to an Ancestry DNA kit! You might be surprised by the results, so this could be a really fun one to reveal on her birthday.

Hunt A Killer subscription

Is your mom a lover of murder mysteries? This will be a great pastime for your mom to get into once all the party guests finally leave.

Final Thoughts on Birthday Gifts for Your Mom’s 60th Birthday

There will hopefully be a gift idea on this list that will suit every mom out there. As someone who is buying gifts for the important people in their lives, it is crucial to remember to take note of what those people say and do around you.

They might be giving you a hint about what they want for their birthday or any other special occasion.

Paying attention to your loved ones on a daily basis can make the gift-buying process a lot easier and stress-free. Finding special birthday gifts for mom can be a challenge, but she deserves the best, right?

Gifts will vary a lot depending on budget and personal preference, but just because you have a low budget doesn’t mean you can’t get your mom something meaningful.

It’s the thought that counts, and you can even make some gifts at home for free! Sometimes all it takes is a tutorial on the internet, and voilà, you can create.

You don’t have to buy your mom a Dyson Air Wrap or something from Chanel for it to mean something to hear. You can, but it isn’t an obligation.

As long as you have a special card to share with your mother, have some fun and spend some quality time together, your mother will feel special.

Being able to celebrate and spend time with friends, even if it isn’t at a party, is a wonderful gift in itself.

Your mom’s 60th birthday is a very special day. It’s a milestone birthday, and it is one that she will remember for the rest of her life. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, or how extravagant the party is, if there even is one.

All you need in the end is good company, a birthday cake and a thoughtful gift that means a lot to the most important woman in your life.

Gavin Wallace